“Wilmington provided us with an extensive array of new equipment that has made our recycling program more efficient.”
“They spent two days at our plant cleaning the mess left by our previous vendor, and they’ve kept our plant clean ever since”
“Their services have exceeded our expectations. We have been very pleased."


Wilmington’s solutions begin with a comprehensive analysis of your scrap recycling and waste minimization opportunities. We’ll show you ways to streamline operations for added efficiencies and convenience. We’ll suggest ways to automate materials handling for savings. At your facilities we’ll custom design a program just for you, a program that:

  • Includes all necessary equipment and services
  • Enhances convenience, safety and housekeeping at your facilities
  • Complements your production flow and management systems
  • Offers thorough documentation and the pricing transparency you deserve

Sound Advice From Industry Experts

We’ve been in the scrap materials and recycling industry since 1923. We know the markets and the consumers. We know what works and what doesn’t and what is required to maximize your material values and operational savings – because we do it every day for companies like yours. We process and market over 200 million pounds of scrap materials annually for recycling, recovery and re-use.