“Wilmington provided us with an extensive array of new equipment that has made our recycling program more efficient.”
“They spent two days at our plant cleaning the mess left by our previous vendor, and they’ve kept our plant clean ever since”
“Their services have exceeded our expectations. We have been very pleased."

Company Profile

A History of Innovation

Founded in 1923 by Isaac Raizk, the Wilmington Iron & Metal Company has an
85-year history of bringing innovation and exceptional service and value to industry and their scrap management and recycling programs. It’s a time-tested track record of maximizing material values and tailoring solutions to businesses of all sizes. What began as a family-owned business remains a family-owned business today. And what began as a small regional operation is today nationwide in its scope. Wilmington Iron & Metal processes and markets more than 200 million pounds of scrap metal and other recylable materials every year. The company continues to build on its heritage of innovation, leading the industry in green initiatives and setting new quality standards with it's ISO certifications.